Facebook has recently improved their custom audiences feature in a significant way. Custom audiences allow you to group people based on their behavior while on your website and most recently, as they engage with your content on Facebook.

Let’s go over some of the most valuable custom audiences for you to be using in your campaigns.

All Customers

Your customers should be pixeled when they checkout, and on top of that you receive their email address. Your customer list is a fantastic source to use when creating a Lookalike Audience.

The most relevant audience to any funnel is the audience that made it all the way through to the bottom.

So look for audiences at the bottom of your funnel when creating Lookalike Audiences, then plug it into your targeting at the top of the funnel.

Abandoned Cart

If you’ve been running your store for any length of time, you know that the majority of your site's shopping carts will be abandoned.

But we can use Facebook to target and recover a portion of those carts. Segment everyone who visits your checkout page, and exclude those that make it to the thank-you page. That will give you a list that’s dynamically updated as carts are abandoned.

Or you can set it up my favorite way, and use Standard Events to create a custom audience of people that add to cart and exclude it from the audience of people that purchased in the same time frame. And you’re left with your abandoned cart audience.

Email List

Many of the most popular email service providers on the e-commerce scene have the ability to sync email lists or segments with Facebook. The first two lists I setup are the Customer List and the Newsletter List.

If these lists are large enough, use them to create tightly focused Lookalike Audiences full of people similar to your best customers.

In the case of the email platform Klaviyo, you can benefit from the awesome rule based segments that can be created, and sync lists of people that purchased recently, purchase high dollar amounts, or purchase frequently. That can go a long way towards finding the 20% of customers responsible for generating 80% of your revenue.

People Who Engage With Your Facebook Page

If you have a healthy list of 1000 customers or more, congratulations - you can use that list to generate Lookalike Audiences and find additional people to target with your offer.

But if your list isn’t quite that large yet, an excellent alternative is to create custom audiences based on people who engage with your Videos, Facebook Page, Lead Ads, or Canvas.

What does that mean? Well, for one thing, it means that Facebook posts just got a new lease on life! Now you can target people who engage with your posts. They don’t even have to make it to your website for you to be able to add them to a custom audience anymore!

People Who Watch Your Videos

Video ads are cheap, Facebook loves them, and now you can use them to build custom audiences!

Just select how much of the video must be consumed for the viewer to be added to your custom audience (seconds or percentage). Next thing you know, you’ll have a list of people that have shown enough interest in what you had to say to sit and watch most of your video.

This can be used to great effect at the top of your funnel.

Purchased At Least Twice In 60 Days

Using the new Advanced Mode in the custom audience builder, you can create custom audiences based on pages visited or events triggered -- combined with frequency, value, and device.

So for example, you can target people who triggered the purchase event twice in the last 60 days or people who added an item to their cart more than once in the last 30 days. Can you see the power in these lists?

Purchased $100 Or More

Much like the last item in our lists - using Advanced Mode in the custom audience builder you can create a list of people that purchased $100 worth or product in 60 days.

Maybe you want to treat your high spenders to a special Thank You offer not show to your other users. Or, you could create a Lookalike Audience if the list is large enough.

View A Product Category

You can target people by which product categories they viewed while visiting your store. Use this information to appeal to your visitor's interests. If someone comes to your site looking for bike seats but leaves empty handed, why not show them ads with more bike seats!

Time Spent On Your Website

I’ve had great results with this one. Try targeting the top 25% of visitors based on time spent on your site. This eliminates visitors that make it to your site, only to bounce a few seconds later, and focuses on visitors that stick around for a while.

People Who Haven’t Visited Recently

This is a useful audience to use for reactivation campaigns. You could target users that have purchased in the past but haven’t been around in a while.

Using a discount ladder, you can offer discounts that increase over time as the likelihood of this person ever returning to your site is decreasing.

Find the average time between purchases for your customers (let’s say it’s 30 days for our example.) Once someone makes it past 30 days without placing an order, they enter into the discount ladder which offers them a 10% discount on day 30, 15% discount on day 60, and 20% discount on day 90. As soon as a purchase is made, they are pulled from these campaigns, and the timer starts all over.


To see how I create each of these audiences plus a few extras, be sure to download the "14 Facebook Audiences That Will Increase Your Sales" available in the blue pop-up window on our website.

You'll get a document with screenshots showing you exactly how to build each of these money making custom audiences and use them in your Facebook Ad campaigns.